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Fall Recipes and OlyKraut Pairings

Pumpkin Coconut Curry w/ White Fish topped with Original OlyKraut
Pumpkin Cocnut Curry w/ White Fish and topped with Original OlyKraut 

Fall is one of my favorite times of year here in the Pacific Northwest! The air is crisp, the days are getting shorter, and local produce is beautiful and abundant. Fall is the perfect time to start spending more time in the kitchen cooking some of my favorite recipes. Here are a few of my favorite fall recipes --and since I don’t serve anything without a side of fermented goodness I’ve included my favorite OlyKraut pairings.

Cabbage Soup w/ Apples and Thyme paired with OlyKraut Eastern European Sauerkraut
When cabbage is plentiful there is nothing like pairing the mellow flavor of cooked cabbage with the tangy and complex flavor of OlyKraut Eastern European Sauerkraut.

Pumpkin Coconut Curry w/ White Fish paired with OlyKraut Curry Sauerkraut
Fall isn’t complete without eating all things pumpkin. This recipe is an anti inflammatory power house! It starts with curry and then is brought together nicely with pumpkin and coconut milk and finished with light buttery white fish. Topping this dish with OlyKraut Curry Sauerkraut is a no brainer that makes you feel like you’ve just cooked a gourmet restaurant meal. (Above with Orginal OlyKraut which also works well when Curry is not in season!) Extra points for adding local root vegetables you may have in the house as they add great flavor and texture. Double extra points if you make your own pumpkin puree.

Pappardelle with Spicy Sausage and Mixed Wild Mushrooms paired with OlyKraut Original Sauerkraut
Nothing says Fall like wild foraged mushrooms! The earthy flavor of the mushrooms plays so well with the spicy sausage.  I like to pair this one with some crisp and crunchy OlyKraut Original. If you are not into meat, fry up some spicy seasoned quinoa instead.

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