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  • How is the kraut kept cold during shipping?

    • The Kraut is kept cold during shipping with ice packs, as well as UPS ground - which is a 5-day maximum delivery and we ship on Mondays to avoid it getting stalled out over the weekend.

  • How many jars in a case?

    • There are six jars per case.

  • How long does the Kraut last after the date sticker on the jar?

    • The kraut can last for another 1.5 months or really more - it is still safe to eat, it just may be a little less crunchy and vibrant!

  • When will “xyz” product be back in stock?

    • Follow our social media, we will post in real-time when items are back in stock!

  • How are your items carbonated or fermented?

    • They are lacto-fermented. Our products are also wild fermented, which means we work with the cultures that occur naturally vs buying a strain from a lab and introducing it. Lacto-fermentation refers to the specific bacteria, Lactobacillus. Lactobacillus is present on the produce and in our environment. Lactobacilli break down carbohydrates and make Lactic Acid - this is what makes sauerkraut sour and why it's called a Lacto-Ferment.

  • Tell me more about the subscription boxes.

    • Unfortunately we are taking a subscription box hiatus - you will not be charged for anything you did not receive.

  • Are your sauerkrauts raw, vegan, and gluten-free? 

    • Yes. We make all of our sauerkrauts and pickles with fresh, raw produce, salt, and dried spices and/or sea vegetables. There is no dairy, soy, vinegar, or gluten to be found in OlyKraut Sauerkrauts or Pickles! We have an Allergen Control Plan that we follow to ensure our products contain only what we put in them.
      A quick note about vinegar and sauerkraut: sauerkraut is sour because of lactic acid that results from the fermentation process. There is no vinegar in or added to any of our products.

  • Where can I find your products?

    •  Check our Store Locator page - we are mostly carried in stores on the west coast of the US and Canada including Hawaii and Alaska.

  • Can I get your products outside of the Pacific Northwest? Do you ship?

    • We distribute to stores in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Arizona, California, Alaska and Hawaii as well as Western Canada but if you are in one of those areas and we are not at your favorite store, please request that they carry us, and we might be able to make it happen.

    • You can buy online directly from us here.

  • I opened my jar of OlyKraut and it was bubbling! What’s wrong??? 

      • Bubbling is normal. Because OlyKraut products are live fermented foods, the fermentation process can start up again if they warm up a little, which causes bubbling. Fermentation creates acidity which is what makes sauerkraut such a safe food. Healthy bacteria thrive in the acidity, while dangerous bacteria do not.


  • What is your shipping + handling policy?


    • Generally, shipping is free for orders over $50 and a flat rate of $15 for all others in the contiguous United States.  Alaska and Hawaii pay an additional $40 and we are not currently shipping internationally through this site.


    • Seasonal Policy: OlyKraut is ALIVE!  So shipping long distances in warm temperatures is a challenge.  To customers in the contiguous United States outside of Washington and Oregon, we ship Expedited May through October to reduce the impact of those temps on your product and that costs more.  Starting May 10th, you'll pay an extra $35 for Expedited Shipping during those months.  Thank you for understanding!