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Certified B Corporation, KPI Reporting

Local Produce Purchased

2020 – 94,000 lbs. / 2019 – 98,000 lbs.

This went down and we will work hard to pull it back up in 2021! 100,000 lbs, here we come.

Full-time Employees

2020 – 8 / 2019 – 10.49

During COVID-19 we had a smaller tighter operation and it actually was a useful year of learning. We love creating jobs in the community but if we can find efficient ways to do things, that is also exciting. Likely the growth we are ramping up for in 2021 and 2022 will lead to more jobs at OlyKraut that are necessary and will also be efficient use of our resources!

Ownership & Employees

Owners – 95% women, 1% BIPOC, 77% LGBTQ Identified

Employees - 25% she/her, 25% he/him, and 50% they/them • 14% BIPOC, about 50% LGBTQ

Vendors and Suppliers

43% Women Owned • 7% BIPOC Owned • 7% LGBTQ Owned • 7% Immigrant or 1st Generation Owned • 36% Other

This is our first year collecting data and we have been excited to have the engagement that we have but strive for better data going forward. These are probably not perfectly representative but as close as we can get.

Based on these, we would like to see BIPOC, LGBTQ, and/or Immigrant or 1st Generation Owned Businesses make up closer to 10% each and will work on that. We are prepared to see the numbers jump around a bit as we get better at collecting this information from our vendors.

Pledge to Anti-Racism

Read OlyKraut's pledge here.