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Recipe: Deviled Eggs with OlyKraut

Recipe: Deviled Eggs with OlyKraut


6 eggs

1/4 cup mayonnaise or vegenaise

3 tablespoons of Smoke & Kale OlyKraut

1 teaspoon yellow mustard

1/8 teaspoon salt

black pepper


Place eggs in a single layer in a saucepan and cover with water. Heat on high until the water begins to boil, then cover and turn heat on low. Cook for 1 minute. Turn off heat and leave covered for 14 minutes, then rinse under cold water.

Crack egg shells and carefully peel under cool running water. Slice the eggs in half lengthwise. Remove yolks and put in a seperate bowl. Place the whites on a serving platter. Mash the yolks into a fine crumble using a fork. Chop the Smoke & Kale Kraut finely and mix into the yolk. Add mayonnaise, brine, mustard, salt and pepper, and mix well. Evenly disperse heaping tablespoons of the yolk mixture into the egg white. Garnish the egg with Smoke & Kale OlyKraut! 

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