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Sweet Chili Sauce & Farmers Market Specialties

OlyKraut's Fermented Sweet Chili Sauce

It’s always worth a visit to Olykraut’s Farmers Markets stands to find your favorite OlyKraut flavors like Original and Eastern European. But one of the perks of a trip to the Farmers Market -- in addition to the samples, of course! -- is an opportunity to try out rare OlyKraut products that are sold only at the Market. Currently on the roster of exclusive-to-the-market products is our Fermented Sweet Chili Sauce, of which we have precious few jars left. Now is the time to try this cherry-red hot sauce inspired by Sriracha, which was made with peppers from Helsing Junction Farm and aged for 6 months, before it disappears! 

“We went through the recipe development process and tried a couple different methods, and landed on the recipe we have now — it’s sweetened with apple juice,” says OlyKraut kitchen manager Zoe Knutson. She points out that the long aging process brought out floral notes from the peppers. It has an amazingly vibrant, pungent and fruity flavor with hints of apple, cherry, and grape. It is a versatile accompaniment to many foods; a là traditional Sriracha, it makes a great dipping sauce for meats or fish. You can also make a homemade spicy mayo fries, mixing equal parts mayonnaise and the sweet chili sauce. Try using it with homemade spring rolls — the color contrast is amazing, and the intensity of the pepper blends well with the fresh crispness of lettuce and rice noodles.

In addition to its awesome flavor, our hot sauce is — of course — full of probiotics.

Crossing paths with the Sweet Chili Sauce will be our beet kvass. A deep shade of purple, our kvass is modeled on the traditional Eastern European elixir, which is understood in folk medicine to build the blood and aid digestion. It is the earthiest of our brine offerings. In addition to its health benefits, it is also lovely in a vinaigrette dressing or in soups, and it is a shrub-like addition to cocktails. You can get brine shots at the Farmers Markets, including kvass.

OlyKraut can be found at the Olympia Farmers Market, Proctor market in Tacoma, City Hall and Columbia City markets in Seattle, and PSU and King markets in Portland. 

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Interview with Helsing Junction Farm - 26 years and going strong!

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