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OlyKraut - #NeverInPlastic

OlyKraut - #NeverInPlastic

Did you know that OlyKraut is never fermented in plastic and we are proud of it! We also use glass jars for packaging, instead of plastic, and even take them back at the farmers markets for reuse!  We use high quality stainless steel fermentation crocks designed for wine and manufactured in Italy.  They cost more, but our customers are worth it.  Sauerkraut is not a food that contains much fat and so is not directly at risk of absorbing phthalates, which are the topic of this particular article.  Sauerkraut is an acidic product and sits in the fermentation vessel for several weeks at a time so it just seems best to play it safe since the FDA approves food safe products until proven harmful.  For the record, OlyKraut would support the FDA shifting to approving products only after they've been proven safe.  

We recently read this NY times, "The Chemicals In Your Mac and Cheese" 

Phthalates (July 2017) are chemicals found in plastics used in manufacturing and packaging. Did you know that even the inks found on food boxes can migrate into foods that come into contact them?  While this article is about a study into boxed macaroni and cheese, the transfer of chemicals happens on most packaged foods that come in extended contact with plastics in either production,  packaging, or both.

To avoid consuming these, we can eat whole, fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, and grains and products who specify their processes avoid these kinds of contaminations.

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