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Quick Fixes with OlyKraut #PutSomeKrautOnIt

OlyKraut with Flaxseed pancake



Here are some of our favorite quick snacks and meals we like to #PutSomeKrautOnIt


Flax Pancake - Add and egg and OlyKraut Smoke & Kale for a savory spark to breakfast! (Pictured above)

Hard Boiled Eggs - Chop up the eggs and top them with OlyKraut Smoke & Kale

Baked Potato and Butter - Top it with OlyKraut Eastern European

Quinoa and Kale Salad - Add in chopped OlyKraut Spring Nettle

Peanut Butter and Toast - Top it with OlyKraut Spicy Garlic (trust us, it's GOOD!)

Cheese and Crackers - Top with OlyKraut Original

Chips and Salsa - Make a quick dip of sour cream and chopped OlyKraut Cumin Jalapeno (just mix these two ingredients and enjoy)  

Tofu, Hummus, Olive Oil Lettuce Wrap - Add some OlyKraut Eastern European

Frozen Pizza - Top OlyKraut Smoke & Kale (we know, this isn’t the most wholesome on the list but sometimes you just want easy and it’s so much better with kraut)


What are some of your favorite quick snacks or meals that include sauerkraut? Tell us!  



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