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Immune Boosting Probiotics - Kid Edition

Kid and sauerkraut


Kids are back in schools and we know that means they are being exposed to lots of germs on a daily basis! We recently saw this article in NPR that reminded us that adults are not the only ones who can benefit from probiotics. 

The article “Probiotic Bacteria Could Protect Newborns from Deadly Infection” summarizes recent research that revealed giving babies common probiotics found in fermented vegetables greatly reduces their risk of sepsis. Sepsis is a blood infection that is fatal to over 600,000 babies worldwide.  “Babies who ate the microbes for a week — along with some sugars to feed the microbes — had a dramatic reduction in their risk of death and sepsis. They dropped by 40 percent, from 9 percent to 5.4 percent,” Matt Twombly, NPR.

Simply providing babies with probiotics gives their immune system a highly needed jump start! That is so cool. So whether you have a baby or older kids it might be worth making sure not only they are getting their veggies but getting their fermented veggies too. 

While some of you already have fermented food-loving kids, we know that others might be shaking their head right now and thinking there is no way your kid will ever eat anything fermented. If a spoonful of sauerkraut is a “no-go” for your kid we put our heads together and thought of a few easy but ‘kid friendly’ fermented veggies options you might try.  


Kid-friendly (easy) OlyKraut ideas:  

  • A shot of OlyKraut Orginal Brine brine in the morning juice or berry smoothie. 
  • Mix a bit of OlyKraut Original Brine into a ‘dipping sauce’ for veggies or crackers.
  • OlyKraut Sour Pickles on a stick - seriously we sell these all the time at the farmers market. Somehow when it is on a stick it is WAY more fun. 
  • Chop up OlyKraut of any flavor and put on top of a pizza at the very end of cooking.
  • Cucumber kraut boats with ranch dip made from a fermented yogurt.  Double whammy! 


Kid-friendly fermenting ideas (more adventurous):


If your first introduction to fermented foods doesn't go so well, don't be discouraged. Sometimes the introduction of fermented foods takes some time and patience.  Stick with it and be creative. 

Do your kids already love eating fermented foods?  Share with us and our readers what has worked for you in the comments! 




Picture credit to our friends at Pantry Artisan Grocery, Olympia WA. Make sure to check them out on facebook to learn more.

Video OlyKraut owner, Sash Sunday, lent a hand in the making of specially made for kids: 

YouTube Video of kids trying fermented foods:

NPR Article:

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