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Centralia Food Adventure!

Centralia Food Adventure!

OlyKraut encourages you to embark on an adventure to the enticing city of Centralia, where the history is rich and the venues are quaint. We're excited to be added to a number of stores and restaurants in the Centralia area and we'd like to suggest a few places where you are sure to find awesome local eats and drinks and perhaps a side of sauerkraut!  

We've mapped it out for you here. If you can't fit them all in, no worries, pick a few and have fun!

#1: Get things started with an OlyKraut Spicy Garlic Brine Bloody Mary at a lovely tavern called The Shire in Chehalis. 

#2: If you're visiting on a Tuesday, you can stop by the Chehalis Farmers Market and meet a number of local vendors. 

#3: Try a delicious rueben with Eastern European Kraut for lunch at Dawn's Delectables in Centralia.

#4: Swing by Good Health Nutrition for a jar of your favorite OlyKraut.

#5: Have a delicious dinner at Jeremy's Farm to Table. The food is great. You can currently find OlyKraut at Jeremy's Market and we're hoping to be on the menu at the restaurant in the near future! 

#6: After party at Mcmenamins Olympic Club, a really cool local tavern, European style hotel, and theater. They also have a pool! The perfect spot to end the night. OlyKraut was recently a part of a Chehalis Farmers Market fundraiser at Mcmenamins where the chef served OlyKraut in a dish, and they may continue to do so. We're really excited about this and hope that they will want to use OlyKraut on their menu in the future! 



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