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Why you should eat more local fermented vegetables in 2017!

Smoke & Kale

Ok, ok, we know we know we are biased for obvious reasons but here are just a few reasons to consider adding a spoonful of raw fermented veggies to your daily routine. 

  • Eat for your health! Did you know that 2 Tablespoons of OlyKraut were tested and have 12 - 39 million beneficial bacteria (depending how much brine and how much cabbage you get). That is at about 200 Billion Bacteria in a jar.  That’s about 5x as many bacteria that you would find in a probiotic supplement pill, according to their claims. Happy beneficial bacteria in your gut mean you increase absorption of the good nutrients in your food.
  • Eat for local farmers!  Purchasing or making local fermented vegetables directly affects your local farmers! The process of fermentation means local produce is available for your consumption year round. Did you know that OlyKraut plans to buy 100,000 pounds of cabbage from local farmers this year. That is over 10x what we bought just three years ago. When we grow so do our farmers.
  • Eat for your taste buds! Did you know there are likely biological reasons we enjoy the tangy flavors of fermented foods? That tang represents a PH balance that harmful bacteria can’t survive in. So why not indulge and add a tablespoon or two to your favorite taco, salad, or breakfast sandwich and enjoy some of our ancestral flavors that probably were instrumental in our ability to survive before the refrigerator came on the scene. 

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