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Seattle Tilth and why I am involved...

Seattle Tilth and why I am involved...

As some of you know,  I’m on the board of Seattle Tilth. It’s a honor and responsibility I take seriously. Now that Seattle Tilth is merged with Washington Tilth Producers and Cascade Harvest Coalition, this new organization will play a huge role in supporting our regional food system and spreading the word on good, sustainably raised food.  The future of our planet and our ability to thrive upon it depend on the viability of a sustainable agricultural system and we need organizations like Tilth to continue to educate and bang the drum for healthy soil and clean food.

In 2014, over 10,000 kids participated in farm tours or farm educational camps hosted by Seattle Tilth. Children really are our future and we will rely on them understanding, protecting, and creating the future food system. Although it doesn’t stop there, Seattle Tilth isn’t just about the little ones. In 2014, Seattle Tilth also held adult classes, trained farmers, fed those in need, and demonstrated best organic practices on their 23 acre working farm. The organizations that Seattle Tilth has merged with are no less impressive. Cascade Harvest Coalition saved over 3,000 acres of farmland with the farmlink program and Tilth Producers is responsible for one of the best sustainable agriculture publications, hosts education conferences and trainings throughout the state, and is a leader in sustainable farming advocacy.

The new merged board is holding a series of listening sessions around the state this year.  We hope to provide an opportunity for farmers and concerned people to come and meet us and let us know a little more about their specific regions' features and challenges and how we, as an organization, can better serve the whole state.  Our next one is in Walla Walla on September 12, click here for more information - we'd love to meet you! 

Our future food system depends on everyone stepping up and taking part in creating the system we want. I try to do this everyday as a business owner and a citizen.  I hope you consider joining me and getting involved however you can. Volunteer your time with an organization you’re passionate about, raise bees, educate yourself, and most of all, enjoy the fruits of your labor by eating and celebrating the delicious foods our region has to offer!

Oh, and speaking of food…  if good eats are your thing, consider joining me and my team at Food Lust Auction and Gala coming up next month!

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