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Smoke & Kale Brine

Smoke & Kale Brine is the brine from the Smoke & Kale Sauerkraut which combines smoked chilies with our local kale bounty and it is hard to choose any other kraut when it’s on the shelves! We love it with stir fries, meat, grilled cheese sandwiches, and roasted squash.  Smoke & Kale sauerkraut won Good Food Awards in 2015 and 2020.


Brine is a delicious tonic containing a huge dose of probiotics, lactic acid, vitamins and minerals from the vegetables as well as salt (also known as electrolytes.)  The brine comes from the unpasteurized sauerkraut, which means it’s naturally fermented as well!  We like to drink an ounce or two daily as a tonic, with a meal or cocktail, or after working out.