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Cranberry Collaboration - 'Tis the Season

Pickled Cranberries

Do you love cranberries as much as we do?!  While Thanksgiving is over, the season of cranberries doesn't have to be. Our fermented Pickled Cranberries have both the shelf life and flavor profile to be an addition at every holiday meal, potluck, and work function the season throws at you. With just a tad bit of sugar and a dash of cinnamon, clove, and ginger we guarantee they will be a crowd pleaser.. if you can bring yourself to share!

Just a few ideas for your next gathering...

  • OlyKraut Pickled Cranberries on top of soft Brie cheese with crackers.
  • Flatbread bites topped with butternut squash, OlyKraut Pickled Cranberries, and a spicy quinoa or sausage.
  • Fried brussel sprouts with butter, grated hard cheese, and OlyKraut Pickled Cranberries.
  • Pork, or meatless alternative, sliders with crushed OlyKraut Pickled Cranberries.
  • Make a simply chutney with orange, sweet onion, parsley, and, yup, you guessed it OlyKraut Pickled Cranberries.
  • Grab some of the Cranberry Brineade, mix with bubbles, and toast the New Year!!

We hope you pick up a jar of our amazing Pickled Cranberries at one of the local year-round farmers markets near you! (for the lucky few you might even find these delicious gems at your local grocery)

Also, did you know that just a few hours away in Long Beach, Washington our friends at Starvation Alley are growing our favorite tart little berries, organically! While organic cranberries may not sound like a big deal they really are a HUGE deal. When Starvation Alley first decided to grow organic cranberries they were told it was impossible. Not only have they proven it is possible, they now support and encourage many of their fellow cranberry farmers to transition to organic. Go Starvation Alley Farm! Check out the recent article in Quartz to learn more about the darker side of cranberry farming and the role Starvation Alley is playing in changing the industry for the better.




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