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Farmers' Market season is the best!

Farmers' Market season is the best!

We love it for two reasons, first, we get to see your lovely faces out there! Second, is all the deliciously fresh produce we are hanging out with. Did you know eating freshly harvested produce is actually scientifically better for you? Here is a great quote from an investigative journalist, Jo Robinson.

“When plants are harvested, we think that they’re dead. They’re not. They’re actually living until we eat them or cook them. And all the time they’re alive they’re burning up their own antioxidants to protect the fact that they’re still inhaling oxygen. But they’re not producing more antioxidants because you can’t do that once you’re harvested.  So you need to eat them the day you buy them or the next day, ideally. So, these are some of the things that you want to eat me now: spinach, asparagus, broccoli, artichokes, kale, green onions, mushrooms, parsley and cherries. And if you do that, you may get two, three, five, ten times more antioxidant than if you push them to the back of the refrigerator and remember or find them a week or two later.”  Jo Robinson (interview w/ Freaknomics 2015)

Going to a Farmers’ Market can also be more than just a shopping trip to get the freshest veggies. It’s can be an experience! Here are some of our favorite market activities and experiences. 

Take a picnic: For example, Wednesday afternoons at the Seattle Columbia City Farmers Market the nearby parks is usually covered with picnic blankets, kids running and laughing, and adults mingling. 

Get a pickle on a stick: Ok, yes, we are definitely biased, but we do think a Farmers’ Market experience is not complete without a pickle on a stick! 

Farmers' Market bingo: Keeping the adults and the kids entertained!

Find the most unusual veggie: Find a vegetable variety you’ve never seen or tried then ask the farm stand vendor how they would prepare and eat the magical veggie! Not only do you get a chance to talk to a farmer, you are learning something too. 

Collect dinner tonight: Try to find all the ingredients you need for your next meal. Get inspired by the colorful vegetables and then find the perfect protein, bread, cheese, and beverage to make it a complete farm fresh meal! 

We hope to see you soon! Here are the Farmers’ Markets you can find us at this year

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