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Super Powered Sea Greens

Super Powered Sea Vegtables, Wakame

Did you know that sea vegetables contain more minerals than any other food? Of the 56 minerals essential to human health, sea vegetables have all 56; now that is a super powered vegetable! 

One of these essential minerals is iodine which is a necessary for proper thyroid function. Why is thyroid function so important? The thyroid gland is like the car engine of our body creating the hormones our brain, heart, muscles, liver, and other body parts need to work at a certain rate. While the pituitary gland may be the fancy 'master gland' responsible for setting the speed, the thyroid gland is the work horse turning iodine into the hormones that will then be used to regulate the pace of our bodies, aka, our metabolism. 

Research also suggests that sea greens bind to to the toxins in the body, making it easier to eliminate those toxins. This is great news in our modern industrialized world when our bodies are bombarded with unseen and unknown toxins. Are sea greens just another food trend that will be gone tomorrow? A little research will reveal that many cultures have relied on the sea vegetables for centuries to promote health and wellness. Dr. Westen A. Price, an early 20th century dentist on a world quest to explain the alarming tooth decay in 'modern' civilization as compared to the 'ancient' civilization, learned during an expedition in the Andes mountains that natives carried a small pouch of sea greens that they consumed daily to promote a healthy heart. The fact that these Andes people were willing to trade or travel far from home to procure these sea vegetables is evidence of their super powers. So even if NPR last month called "kelp the new kale" in their article 'Seaweed on your Dinner Plate' we are confident that sea greens are here to stay. 

I bet you are excited now that OlyKraut Sea Greens season is just around the corner! 

OlyKraut uses Sea Palm and Wakame sea vegetables sourced from our friends at Rising Tides. All the products are tested at the UC Davis facility to ensure they are free of radioactive compounds. Dramatically increasing or consuming large amounts of sea vegetables is not usually recommend because some individuals may have adverse reactions to the high mineral contents. In the making of your OlyKraut Sea Greens we use modest amounts of sea vegetables that will be a great addition to your daily diet. 


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Wakame by Loozrboy




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