June 24, 2015

Jalapeño Cheddar Cornmeal Waffle

Jalapeño Cheddar Cornmeal Waffle

                                                                           Paired with OlyKraut, Smoke and Kale

*A delicious savory waffle recipe from our Spring 2015 Evergreen State College intern, Kotomi Yamamura*


June 17, 2015

OlyKraut Sauerkraut Flavor Wheel

A flavor wheel should be a comprehensive visual aid of descriptive terms associated with the flavors of a specific food or drink.  The Olykraut flavor wheel is a visual display which lays out the flavors tasted, by a variety of palates, in the “Original” (green cabbage, sea salt, Jacobsen Sea Salt) and “Eastern European” (cabbage, onion, apple, carrot, caraway seeds, grapefruit juice, sea salt, Jacobsen Sea Salt) recipes.

June 10, 2015

As Afermentioned: How Previous Experiences with Tastes Condition Perception of Flavor

The human tongue is covered in taste buds, or papillae, equipped with 50- 100 receptors that distinguish the five tastes: sweet (sugars), bitter (alkaloids), sour (acids), salty and umami (proteinaceious or savory). As soon as aroma, vision, texture, association (based on previous experience), trigeminal sensations, etc. are involved we’re talkin’ flavor.

April 29, 2015

Sweet or Sauer: the Catalyst of Sauerkraut Flavor

A spoonful of delicious sauerkraut


You can’t quite put your finger on it-- “that” taste distinctly associated with sauerkraut... Where does it come from? “That” taste is the result of a vast community of lactic acid bacteria (LABs) and microorganisms breaking down cabbage carbohydrates for energy and releasing lactic acid and carbon dioxide into the substrate. The birth of sauerkraut's pungent aroma and tangy taste is the result millions of lacto- ferment microbes at work on that very spoonful of kraut entering a soon-to-be, well-fed lower GI.

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Background illustration by Nikki McClure.