June 7, 2016

Centralia Food Adventure!

OlyKraut encourages you to embark on an adventure to the enticing city of Centralia, where the history is rich and the venues are quaint. We're excited to be added to a number of stores and restaurants in the Centralia area and we'd like to suggest a few places where you are sure to find awesome local eats and drinks and perhaps a side of sauerkraut!  

May 3, 2016

Snack with Nettle Kraut!

Hey Springtime sauerkraut eaters, here's a list of some snack ideas using OlyKraut! If you havn't tried our Spring Nettle Kraut, now may be a good time. It pairs well with lots of foods and is really, really healthy too!

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Background illustration by Nikki McClure.