December 20, 2017

Holiday Digestive Health Tips

by Domonique

If you are like me, you still have a few more holiday gathering before the New Year.  All these holiday parties mean several more weeks of fancy cocktails, decadent foods, and rich desserts. I need a strategy to get through this next month. When I talked to our owner Sash Sunday about this, she reminded me of 5 simple things to maintain my digestive health over the next few weeks. 

1. Keep consuming probiotics. The good bacteria will support the immune system and improve digestion. Important for enjoyable holidays. 

2. Don't forget about consuming prebiotics. Prebiotics are the plant fiber that fuel and help the good bacteria achieve number one. 

3. Strive for moderation. Holidays are not necessarily the time to implement a restrictive diet so instead, try to seek out the nutrient-rich foods, aim for smaller portions, and eat slowly and deliberately. 

4. Exercise moderately every day. Studies show a short 15-30 minute post meal walk improves digestion and improves blood sugar levels. 

5. Make sure to get a good night's sleep. Benefits of adequate sleep include improved memory, lower stress, and maintaining a healthy weight. 

These are simple but so often easy to forget.  Thanks, Sash Sunday! 

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Background illustration by Nikki McClure.